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13 / 03 / 2007

TOMAR NOTA in English: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Last week we received the following question from a Daily Vitamin user.

Good morning.
En lenguaje de oficina, ¿como se diria "toma nota"? Thanks

Depending on the context, this could be translated as take note of something or take something down.

Take something down means: to write something down so that you won't forget it.

Take note of something means: to pay attention to something and be sure to remember it.

In an office, the most obvious translation would be to take down.

Example 1:
Anna: Can you please take down the following phone number?
Janet: Yes
Anna: 1-800-865-9562
Janet: Got it!
Anna: Thanks.

Example 2:
Take note of what he says, will learn a lot from him.

In example 2, there isn't any writing involved.

In a classroom context, we take notes (tomar apuntes).

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I hope you have a good day.

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