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23 / 12 / 2005

TO RAISE A TOAST: meaning and examples

Good morning, If you haven't seen the Ziggurat Christmas card yet (with sound), please click on the following link: ***************************************** Today's expression is: to raise a toast It means: to lift your glass (usually containing a drink like wine or cava) and express a wish or desire for success, happiness or other good news. Someone might give a speech (discurso) at the moment of the toast (when you lift or raise your glass), but it is also common to simply say Cheers! and "clink" your glasses together. Example 1 All the guests raised a toast to the newly-wedded couple, wishing them happiness in their new life together. Example 2 Whenever we sit down to a big holiday meal at my house, we always raise a toast to the cook. After all, without his/her efforts, nobody would be eating! Example 3: The Ziggurat team would like to raise a toast and wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Remember to post any questions about today's Daily Vitamin in the Daily Vitamin Plus! section on our website. If you have any questions about how to use the Daily Vitamin Plus! section, please send us an email to Have a good day and wonderful holidays! We'll "see" you again on January 9th, 2006.