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27 / 04 / 2004

TO FALL-3: meaning and examples

Good morning!

Today we continue with different meanings of the verb to fall. So far we've looked at the expressions to fall in love and to fall for something, and yesterday we saw that to fall can mean "to become lower in amount."

Today's meaning is: to change to another state.

In this case the verb combines with adjectives or nouns to create a verb that indicates a change of state. A couple of examples are:

-to fall asleep --> to change from awake to asleep.
-to fall ill --> to change from healthy to ill.
-to fall into noun (to fall into decay, into a deep sleep, etc.).

Example 1
I was so tired last night that I fell asleep on the sofa.

Example 2
She fell ill and wasn't able to attend the shareholders' meeting last weekend.

Example 3
Some people feel that many of the Roman ruins in Italy are falling into further decay because the government isn't taking care of them.

Example 4
Last night I fell into a deep sleep on the sofa because I was very tired.

If you have questions about today's uses of to fall, please add a comment below.

Have an excellent day!

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