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09 / 11 / 2009

TO FALL-1 (REVISION): meaning and examples

Good morning everybody! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

This week we are going to review some Daily Vitamins about the verb to fall that were originally sent in April 2004.

In English there are hundreds of expressions that use the verb to fall. One very poplular example is the expression to fall in love ("enamorarse").

For the next few days we will look at different expressions with the verb to fall.

Today's Expression is: To fall for something.

It means: to believe that a trick or a practical joke is true.

Example 1
How could you fall for such an obvious trick?

Example 2
The street beggar told me that he needed 10 cents for a phone call and I gave it to him. When I saw him a week later and he again asked me for 10 cents for a phone call, I realised that the week before I had fallen for his trick to get money from strangers.

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Have a good day!