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TALK (1)

24 / 05 / 2005

TALK (1): meaning and examples

Good morning. The next few Daily Vitamins are based on a request by Maribel M., who wanted to know more about the different forms of the word talk. The word talk is used frequently in English and has verb, noun and adjective forms. It also forms a part of many expressions and phrasal verbs. Today we will look at the verb talk as it is used with different prepositions or verb particles. TALK TO* SOMEONE Meaning: to have a conversation with someone. Example 1: I talked to Bob yesterday. Did you know his wife is expecting a child? TALK WITH* SOMEONE Meaning: to have a conversation with someone. Example 2: The next time you talk with the downstairs neighbours, please ask them if they'd like to come for dinner next week. *There is no important difference in meaning between talk to someone and talk with someone. However, it is perhaps more common in Standard British English to use the preposition to. If you are a native Spanish or Catalan speaker, you will probably feel more comfortable using the preposition with. TALK ABOUT SOMEONE-SOMETHING Meaning: to have a conversation about something or someone. Example 3: If all of you have finished talking about who won the football league, perhaps we can get down to work. We can use these same preposition combinations (talk to-with-about) to mean: to discuss a problem. Example 4: We really need to talk to the boss about our working conditions. Tomorrow we will look at some other verb preposition combinations with talk. If you have any questions about this verb, please don't hesitate to contact us. Enjoy the rest of your day!


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