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22 / 06 / 2006

STAG or HEN PARTY: meaning and examples

Hello again.

Today's Daily Vitamin answers a question from Dolors Giménez. Dolors asked how to say fiesta de despedida de soltero/a in English.

HEN NIGHT refers to the celebration between the female friends of a woman before she marries (despedida de soltera).

STAG NIGHT refers to the party between the male friends of a man who is getting married (despedida de soltero).

Example 1:
For her hen night, she's going to Paris with her three best friends.

Example 2:
Alex: What are you doing next weekend?
Mark: It's my brother's stag night on Friday, and we're going to celebrate it in San Antonio.

In American English we often say Bachelor Party (for men) or Bachelorette Party (for women).

Example 3:
Before I was married, I didn't bother having a bachelor party. I've always thought they were kind of childish.

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