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23 / 06 / 2006

FIREWORKS: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Tomorrow is San Juan and in Catalonia it is very typical to celebrate the eve of San Juan with Fireworks.

Today's word is: Fireworks

Meaning: a small explosive used to generate coloured lights, smoke, and noise for amusement (fuegos artificiales).

Example 1:
The concert ended with a magnificent display of fireworks.

Example 2:
It is illegal to sell fireworks to very young children, but I always see small children playing with them around San Juan.

Example 3:
The firework I hate the most is the banger (petardo).

Note: In American English, a banger is a firecracker.

The word Fireworks can also be used figuratively, to mean a display of anger or passion.

Example 4:
There were fireworks when her mother saw the tattoo on her shoulder!

Example 5:
Don't go near the accounts department today – there'll be fireworks after the auditor's report.

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Have a good day and have a great weekend!