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04 / 05 / 2009

SPRING-1: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Despite the recent unstable weather here in Barcelona, it's finally starting to feel like spring (primavera), so this week I thought we'd look at meanings of and expressions with the word spring in English. Today, we'll review some of the basic meanings of spring as a noun and as a verb.

Meanings of spring as a noun:
1) the season between winter and summer (primavera in Spanish).
2) a metal elastic device that returns to its shape or position when pushed, pulled or pressed (muelle in Spanish).
3) a place where water comes naturally to the surface from under the ground (manantial or fuente in Spanish).

Example 1:
Finally, the spring weather has arrived and the flowers are beginning to bloom.

Example 2:
The springs in the mattress are very old, which makes the bed very uncomfortable.

Example 3:
We collect our drinking water from a natural mountain spring; it's much better than the water that comes out of the tap (grifo).

Meanings of spring as a verb:
4) to move suddenly and with one quick movement in a particular direction (saltar in Spanish).
5) to develop or appear suddenly (brotar or action de repente, de golpe y porrazo, etc. in Spanish).

Remember that spring is an irregular verb and has the following forms: spring (present), sprang (past), sprung (participle).

Example 4:
When his alarm rang, he turned it off and sprang out of bed.

Example 5:
When she received the horrible news, tears sprang to her eyes.

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I hope you have a nice day.

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