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23 / 09 / 2005

SEE EYE TO EYE: meaning and examples

Good morning, We are going to finish our week of body part words with an expression. Today's expression is: To see eye to eye with someone; to see eye to eye on an issue (asunto). It means: to agree or to have the same opinion as someone. Example 1 Jim and Bob have such a good working relationship. They see eye to eye on almost everything. Example 2 It's obvious we don't see eye to eye on politics, so perhaps we should change the subject. This week we have seen just a few different uses of body-part words, but there are many more. To see some, click here to link to an on-line dictionary of idioms and try typing any body part into the search engine. Alternatively, you can paste the following link into your browser: Perhaps you would like to suggest another word or expression related to this week's topic: body parts. You can contact us with suggestions or questions. Enjoy your weekend!


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