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RUN (3)

23 / 04 / 2007

RUN (3): meaning and examples

Good morning. I hope you had a nice weekend.

Last week we saw two "alternative" meanings of the verb run (correr).

Meaning 1 (Thursday): to control and organise something, such as a business, organisation or event.

Meaning 2 (Friday): to try to be elected to an official job, position or political office.

Today we will look at two more meanings of run.

Meaning 3: to move along, said of liquids. If a liquid runs somewhere, it flows there.

Example 1:
I could see that she was crying because tears were running down her face.

Example 2:
The Mississippi River runs into the Gulf of Mexico.

Meaning 4:  to be operating or functioning. If a machine or engine runs or you run it, it is working.

Example 3:
Don't leave your engine running when you are parked.

Example 4:
I ran the dishwasher, because it was full.

Tomorrow we will finish up our series of Daily Vitamins about the verb run with a couple more definitions. If you have any questions about today's meanings, please post them in the forum section on our website.

Enjoy your day!

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