15 / 04 / 2009

RESUMÉ: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today's word looks almost exactly the same as yesterday's word, resume. However, today's word has an accent mark on the final "é", and is pronounced a little differently.

Today's word is: resumé (ré-za-me)

Notice that the stress falls on the first syllabal. This word is often written without the accent mark (resume), so only the context and the pronunciation distinguish it from yesterday's word. Resumé comes from the French word résumé, and is therefore also spelled with both accent marks in English (résumé).

Meaning of resumé: a short summary or account of something. A summary of your academic and work history (= a curriculum vitae = CV).

Example 1:
If you are interested in working for our company, please send us an updated resumé.

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