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07 / 09 / 2005

REQUESTING HELP (1): meaning and examples

Good morning, For many companies and businesses, August is a holiday month or a slow period (a time when there is not much work to do). Then September arrives and the cycle of activity begins again. At this time, many companies will introduce changes or new procedures, or individuals will move to a new position or job. If you have to learn a new way of doing things, you will probably need to ask for (pedir) help. Today we will look at some phrases for requesting help politely. CAN, COULD The modal verbs CAN and COULD are often used to request something (for example, to request help). COULD is a little more polite than CAN. We use the verbs CAN and COULD with another verb in the base infinitive form (without TO). To make a question, use this formula: CAN--COULD subject base infinitive verb Example 1: A: Can you tell me how to use this machine? B: Yes. It's easy. Example 2: A: Could you show me where the staff room is (sala de empleados)? B: Of course. I'm going there now. Come with me. Tomorrow we will look at some more details for requesting help. If you have any questions about this Daily Vitamin, you can ask us for help by contacting us by email. Enjoy the rest of your day!