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28 / 11 / 2007

QUEMARSE LAS PESTAÑAS: meaning and examples


Today we answer a question from María Sánchez:

Hello everyone! I'd like to know how you say the expression "quemarse las pestañas" in English. Another informal way is "romperse los cuernos" ...when we make a great effort to do something. Thanks in advance! Best regards. Maria.

Today's first expression is: to burn the midnight oil

Meaning: to study or work until late at night.

Example 1:
Yesterday I really burned the midnight oil. I have an exam today and I hadn't studied much until last night, so I had no choice.

Today's second expression is: to bust one's gut (gut = tripa or barriga)

Meaning: to make a great effort to do something.

Example 2
This is a problem which nobody is going to bust a gut trying to solve.

There are more expressions to express the idea of working a lot on something. We will look at another one next week, when we look at colloquial/slang expressions with the word ass

Thanks for the question María. Remember to use the forum section for questions and/or comments.

I hope everyone has a good day.

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