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27 / 11 / 2007

BODAS DE ORO: meaning and examples

Good morning;

Today we answer another question/suggestion from one of our Daily Vitamin users, this time Sebastià Altemir. He wanted to know how to say bodas de oro or bodas de plata in English.

Today's first expression is: Golden wedding anniversary

Meaning: the 50th anniversary of a wedding.

Example 1:
I will celebrate my golden wedding anniversary in 2048, if I live that long. ;-)

Today's second expression is: Silver wedding anniversary

Meaning: the 25th anniversary of a wedding.

Example 2:
They celebrated their silver wedding anniversary last May.

Of course, we also have ruby wedding anniversaries (40 years), diamond wedding anniversaries (60 years), etc.

For a full list of the official wedding anniversaries, from 1 year (paper) to 90 years (granite), and the differences between US and UK traditions, see the following section of Wikipedia:

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I hope you have a nice day.