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08 / 10 / 2004

'PRESUMIDO' IN ENGLISH-2: meaning and examples

Good morning. It wasn't our intention to include a second part to yesterday's Daily Vitamin, but Pepa reminded us that what she really wanted to know was a simple way to say "presumido" in English, but in a neutral or more positive way. For example, Pepa asked us how to translate the following sentences: 1) Luisa es muy presumida; nunca la verás mal arreglada. 2) Me encantan los collares, las pulseras... es que no puedo evitar ser tan presumida. In these sentences, if we translate "presumido" as conceited, then we change the general meaning of the sentence; it sounds like the speaker is insulting herself! Therefore, one solution is to simply reword the sentences. Following are some very rough translations of the above sentences. These only represent one possibility. Example 1 Luisa is very elegant; you'll never see her badly dressed. Example 2 I love necklaces, bracelets, ... I just can't help being flamboyant. Of course, the exact translation is open for interpretation. In my humble opinion, sentence (2) in Spanish does make the speaker sound a little conceited. (However, remember that I'm not a native Spanish speaker.) This demonstrates that sometimes an exact translation is not possible. If you have any questions about today's Daily Vitamin, please don't hesitate to contact me. Remember that Tuesday is a holiday, and we will be taking a long weekend, so there won't be a Daily Vitamin on Monday or Tuesday. Thanks once again to Pepa for her question. Have a great day and a relaxing LONG weekend. We'll see you again on Wednesday.