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03 / 11 / 2005

DAILY VITAMIN PLUS! (2): meaning and examples

Good morning, Yesterday we began our review of the Daily Vitamin Plus! by looking at the HOME and HELP sections. Today we will look at 3 more sections. CHAT This is an open chat that any Ziggurat student or Daily Vitamin Plus! subscriber can access. Although this section hasn't been used that much yet, we hope it will eventually become a "meeting point" for Daily Vitamin enthusiasts from around the world. FORUM This section includes a list of the last 5 Daily Vitamins which have had comments or questions posted about them. Both Free Daily Vitamin users and Daily Vitamin Plus! users can access this section and post comments or questions, which will be answered within 48 hours! Rather than send us emails with Daily Vitamin questions, you should use this forum to post your questions. COACH We now skip to the last of the 5 sections, Coach. Here you can ask any question you have about English which IS NOT related to a Daily Vitamin. If you have questions about a Daily Vitamin, you should use the forum so that all of us can benefit from your questions. Tomorrow we will review the final two Daily Vitamin Plus! sections: ARCHIVE and PRACTICE. If you have any questions so far, please post a question in the forum of today's Daily Vitamin. Enjoy the rest of your day!