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11 / 03 / 2008

PATTERNS ON CLOTHING-1: meaning and examples

Good morning.

For the next few days we will look at words and expressions to describe the patterns on clothing.

Today's word is: plain (Span: liso/a)

Meaning: without marks or patterns on it; unadorned or undecorated.

This adjective can be used to describe clothing, as well as other materials (such as paper).

Example 1:
She bought a plain black dress to wear to the dance.

Example 2:
Please write your answers on a piece of plain white paper (with no lines).

Example 3:
After looking for hours, I finally decided to buy a plain cream-coloured bedspread (colcha) for the bed in the newly-painted guestroom in our house. I didn't like any of the design patterns that I saw.

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Hava a nice day.