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13 / 12 / 2007

INSTITUTIONS: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we continue answering questions from our readers. Today's question comes from Gemma.

Good Morning. I would like to know the correct word for "instituciones"  (por ej: el gobierno, el parlamento, el tribunal constitucional, etc.) and "institucional" (por ej: el día 12 se celebrará la ceremonia institucional del día de la hispanidad). Thank you very much. Gemma Escobedo.

It is basically the same in English. Institution is a noun and institutional is the adjective form.

Today's word is: Institution (noun)

Meaning 1: A large important organisation that has a particular objective (a bank, a university, etc.).

Example 1:
He works for a very important financial institution.

Meaning 2: A building where people with special needs are taken care of, for example old or mentally ill people.

Example 2:
Paradise Acres is a wonderful place for elderly people. I like it because it seems more like a home and not an institution.

Meaning 3: A custom or system that has existed for a long time in a society.

Example 3:
Many say that fish and chips have become a British institution.

The adjective institutional can be used in English like you have used it in Spanish.

Example 4:
A very sombre institutional ceremony was held to honour those who had died in the war.

I hope that helps Gemma.

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Have a great day!