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16 / 06 / 2006

IN ... TIME: meaning and examples

Good morning,

Today we're going to talk about indicating a point in time in the future

Today's structure is: IN MEASURE OF TIME (hours, weeks, etc.) TIME

It is used: to indicate when something will happen in the future, measured from now. It has the opposite effect of yesterday's word, ago.

Example 1:
Speaker 1: The taxi's here already! When does your flight leave?
Speaker 2: In four hours time, but I want to get to the airport early.

Example 2:
Experts believe there will be a cure for diabetes in ten years time.

There is no change of meaning if you leave out the word time.

Example 3:
Please hurry up and make the salad – they'll be here in ten minutes.

Example 4:
Speaker 1: Can I see Mr. Brown today, please?
Speaker 2: I'm afraid he's in Paris, but he'll be back in four or five days.

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Here's wishing you an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. We'll be back in three days time.

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