15 / 06 / 2006

AGO: meaning and examples

Hello and welcome.

Today's word is: Ago (adverb)

It is used: for saying how much time has passed since something has happened. It follows a word or expression referring to a period of time and it is usually used with the simple past, not with the present perfect.

Example 1:
Speaker 1: Hello, I'm here for a meeting with Mr. Brown, at five o'clock.
Speaker 2: Are you sure? He left for Paris two hours ago.
Speaker 1: Two hours ago? But I spoke to him at three, and he was in his office.

Example 2:
The Vietnam War ended over 25 years ago.

Long ago or ages ago means hace mucho (tiempo) and not long ago means hace poco (tiempo).

Example 3:
Speaker 1: There's a visitor here for Mr. Brown, but unfortunately, he left ages ago.
Speaker 2: He didn't leave; I saw him not long ago in the personnel department. 

Example 4:
Speaker 1: They got engaged ages ago, but I don't know when the wedding will be.
Speaker 2: It's in October; I got my invitation not long ago.

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