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06 / 11 / 2008

I'LL BE (RIGHT) BACK: meaning and examples

Good morning.

How would you translate the following example?

Example 1 (Spanish):
Voy a comprar pan. Ahora vuelvo.

In spoken English in this context, the Spanish phrase "ahora vuelvo" is translated as I'll be back. So, the sentence would be translated in the following way.

Example 1 (English):
I'm going to buy bread. I'll be back.

If we want to emphasise that we will return very quickly, we can include the word right in the phrase.

Example 2:
Nancy: Honey...where are you going? We're leaving in ten minutes!
Ana: Don't worry mum. I'll be right back. I have to return a book to the library.

The phrase I'll be back was made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1984 science fiction film The Terminator.

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