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13 / 09 / 2006

HOW WAS IT?: meaning and examples

Good morning,

Today's expression is: How was it?

It means: ¿Cómo fue? or ¿Cómo te fue? and is used to make a general enquiry about a past event.

Example 1:
Bryan: We went to Sam's wedding last Saturday.
Patsy: Did you? How was it?
Bryan: It was very fun.

Example 2:
Martha: Did you go out last night?
Jeremy: Yes, we did. We went for a meal.
Martha: Where did you go?
Jeremy: To the new pizzeria on the corner.
Martha: How was it?
Jeremy: The food was good, but it was expensive!

Example 3:
Bryan: I didn't see you at the meeting yesterday.
Patsy: No, I had an exam.
Bryan: Did you? How was it?
Patsy: A bit difficult, but I think I passed.

In the examples above, the pronoun it refers to: Sam's wedding, Jeremy's meal or evening out, and Patsy's exam, respectively.

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