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14 / 09 / 2006

HOW DID IT GO?: meaning and examples

Good morning everybody,

Yesterday we looked at the oral expression how was it? Today we look at a very similar expression.

Today's expression is: How did it go?

It means: ¿Cómo ha ido? or ¿Cómo te ha ido? and is used to enquire about the quality or relative success of an event or process in the past.

Example 1:
Mandy: Joe had his driving test this morning.
Patsy: Really? How did it go?
Mandy: I don't know yet; I'm waiting for him to phone and tell me.

Example 2:
Jim: I've just had an interview for the position of Head of Sales.
Ann: Wow! How did it go?
Jim: Very well! I'm quite confident I'll get the job.
Ann: Congratulations, then!

Example 3:
Maya: I hear you cooked dinner for thirty people last night! How did it go?
John: Not bad. I think everyone enjoyed the food.

Example 4:
Ann: My sister had laser treatment for her short-sightedness (miopía) last week.
Joe: Oh, goodness! How did it go?
Ann: Really well, I think. Her eyes are sensitive, but she can already see better than before.

In the examples above, the pronoun it refers to: Joe's driving test, Jim's job interview, John's dinner party and Ann's sister's laser treatment.

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I'll see you tomorrow.

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