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05 / 10 / 2006

HISTORY vs. STORY: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Which of the following sentences is NOT correct?

i) My mother always told me very interesting stories before I went to bed. 
ii) My mother always told me very interesting histories before I went to bed.

Sentence (ii) is incorrect, since we don't tell histories, we tell stories before bed.  

Story means: an account of something that happened. Stories can be imaginary, traditional or true.

History means: the whole of time before the present, and everything that happened in that time.

A history could be a film, book, or television programme about real events that happened in the past in a particular place.

A story is an account of real or imaginary events in the past or future, and is usually intended to entertain people, not educate them.

My mother didn't talk about Roman and Greek history, for example, before I want to bed; she read or told me stories like Jack and the Beanstalk or Curious George.

Example 1:
Due to global warming, we are experiencing some of the highest temperatures in recorded history.  

Example 2:
My mother told me a story about a princess and a frog.

Example 3:
I've always found Egyptian history fascinating.

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I hope today goes down in history as one of the more interesting in your life, and that it provides you with lots of interesting stories to tell your grandchildren in the future. ;-)

Have a good day!