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CRAZY vs. MAD (2)

04 / 10 / 2006

CRAZY vs. MAD (2): meaning and examples

Good morning.

Yesterday we saw that crazy and mad are basically synonyms, however in the US mad is usually used to mean angry. Today we are going to look at a few very common (informal) expressions that use crazy or mad in them.

Today's first expression is: to drive someone mad-crazy

It means: to make someone feel extremely angry, upset or bored.

Example 1:
Angie is an incredibly nice woman, but she talks too much; she drives me crazy!

Example 2:
Please stop making that noise. You're driving me mad!

Today's second expression is: like mad-crazy

It means: very quickly and with great effort; a lot.

Example 3:
We had to work like mad to finish the project before the deadline.

Example 4:
Angie is talking like crazy today. What is wrong with her? She used to be so quiet.

Today's final expression is: to be mad-crazy about something or someone.

It means: very much in love with someone or enthusiastic about something.

Example 5:
Ever since Alonso has begun to win races, it seems like everyone is mad about Formula 1.

Example 6:
Angie talks too much, but I'm crazy about her. One day I would like to marry her.

This is just a small sample of the expressions that we use with these words in English.

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