01 / 02 / 2008

HELL-5: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we finish our look at expressions that use the word hell.

Today's expression is: like hell

Meaning 1
: used to add emphasis (= a lot)

Example 1:
He studied like hell for his exams. If he doesn't pass, I'll be very surprised.

Example 2:
Sometimes his back hurts like hell, but luckily there is nothing seriously wrong with it.

Meaning 2: used in spoken English to refuse permission, or when you don't agree that something is true. In Spanish we often say ¡sí hombre!

Example 3:
Matthew: David, can you come with me to the market?
David: No papa. I'm going to stay here and watch TV.
Matthew: Like hell you are! You're coming with me to the market whether you like it or not!

Example 4:
Janet: He says he's going to pay me 500 euros per day for my services.
Mark: Like hell! I don't trust him at all. You better get a contract signed before you begin working.

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Have a good day and an excellent weekend!

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