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17 / 05 / 2006

GOING TO THE BEACH (3): meaning and examples

Hello, Today we are going to look at words and expressions used in connection with sunbathing, and the effect the sun has on the skin. Adjectives meaning bronceado: tanned; brown. A less frequently used word is bronzed. Example 1 You're looking very brown. Have you been sunbathing? Example 2 That woman is so tanned! She must have been away because we've had nothing but rain here. Example 3 She appeared at the press reception looking bronzed and glamorous after her honeymoon in the Bahamas. On Monday we saw that to sunbathe means to sit or lie in the sun with the intention of getting a tan. Sometimes, our daily exposure to the sun means that our skin colour changes, even without sunbathing. The expression for this is to catch the sun. Example 4 Speaker 1: look so tanned; have you been to the beach? Speaker 2: No, but I've been working in the garden and I must have caught the sun. Tomorrow we'll look at other ways of describing the skin. Until then, if you have any questions about today's Daily Vitamin, please post them in the Daily Vitamin Plus! forum section on our website. Have a wonderful day!