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16 / 05 / 2006

GOING TO THE BEACH (2): meaning and examples

Good morning, Today we are continuing our topic of going to the beach. Here is another activity that we can do if we get tired of sunbathing. Today's Expression is: to go for a swim It means: to enter the sea and swim, and it is also used if you go to a swimming pool. Example 1 I'm so hot and sandy... I think I'll go for a swim. Example 2 When he needs to relax he goes for a swim in the pool. We do NOT generally use the English word bathe as a translation of bañarse, as it sounds a little exotic for an everyday swim. Bathe is what we do in a bathtub (bañera). Example 3 Is it true that Cleopatra bathed in asses’ milk? We use the verb to go to talk about other beach activities, too. -to go sailing -to go water skiing Tomorrow we'll look at more vocabulary concerned with sunbathing. If you have any questions about today's Daily Vitamin, please post them in the Daily Vitamin Plus! forum section on our website. If you have any questions about how to use the Daily Vitamin Plus! section or would like to receive a Daily Vitamin Plus! manual, please don't hesitate to contact us. Enjoy the rest of your day!