23 / 01 / 2012

GAIN: meaning and examples

Good morning everybody. I hope you had a pleasant weekend.

On March 3rd, 2004 we talked about the difference between the verbs win and earn (in Spanish, ganar). There is another English word that looks similar to ganar: gain. Today we look at the meaning of gain.

I recommend that you look up the previous Vitamin about win vs. earn to review the difference with the meaning of gain. We've included the link below.

Today's word is: TO GAIN (verb) / GAIN (noun)

Meaning 1: to obtain or get something (usually refering to something beneficial or favourable)

Example 1 (verb):
They gained several new clients despite the recession, thanks to their effective marketing campaign.

Example 2 (noun):
The third quarter gains are lower than the previous year.

Meaning 2: to increase the amount of something (particularly weight or time)

Example 3:
I gained a kilo and a half of extra weight over the holidays, so now I'm on a diet.

Example 4:
Many people experience weight gain over the holiday period.

Example 5:
There is so much traffic on the roads going into the city. If we take the train rather than driving, we can gain at least half an hour.

You CANNOT say ***I gain a lot of money at my job.***
Correct --> I earn a lot of money at my job.

If you have any questions about any of these words, please post a comment in the Daily Vitamin section on our website.

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