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30 / 11 / 2005

FULFILLED: meaning and examples

Good morning. Today's word is: fulfilled (adjective) It means: to feel happy and satisfied, especially because you are doing something important or you are using your abilities. Example 1 Jack and Jill have their own business. Although they work long hours, it makes them feel so fulfilled that they don't mind dedicating all their time to it. Example 2 If you are no longer fulfilled by your relationship, perhaps it's time to separate. There is also the equivalent -ing adjective (fulfilling), which is very closely related to fulfilled. Example 3 For the moment, raising my children is fulfilling enough for me. Perhaps when they are older, I will need to go back to work to continue feeling fulfilled. Remember that we use -ing adjectives to describe things and -ed adjectives to talk about feelings. For more review of the difference between -ing adjectives and -ed adjectives, see the Daily Vitamin from April 14th, 2004. Remember to post any questions about today's Daily Vitamin in the Daily Vitamin Plus! section on our website. If you have any questions about how to use the Daily Vitamin Plus! section, please send us an email to Have a great day!


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