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21 / 10 / 2005

FALSE FRIEND: SENSIBLE: meaning and examples

Good morning.

We will finish our week of adjectives of personality by recycling a False Friend Daily Vitamin from a couple of years ago.

Today's word is: sensible

It means: reasonable and practical.

Example 1:
We are looking for someone sensible for the job, someone who can think for themselves and work without direct guidance.

Example 2:
Usually you are a sensible person, but today you are very difficult to work with; you are asking us to do things that you yourself would never do.

Sensible is a false friend. In Spanish/Catalan it means 'sensato/assenyat' and NOT 'sensible'. If you are a Daily Vitamin Plus subscriber, you can look up the word sensitive (another False Friend) by using the search function.

If you have any questions about this weeks adjectives, you are welcome to contact us.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend.


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