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05 / 03 / 2004

FALSE FRIEND: ABSOLUTELY: meaning and examples

Hello Everybody,

In conversational English we often use the adverb absolutely to indicate that we are in complete and total agreement with what is being said. Consider the following example:

Example 1
Speaker 1: Do you agree with my idea to increase the marketing budget in order to capture a higher percentage of the sector?
Speaker 2: Absolutely! I am in complete agreement. Let's do it!

Absolutely is synonymous with "completely" or "totally". In this dialogue it is short for "I completely agree with you."

I don't have to point out the confusion that is caused if you use this word in the same way that we use "en absoluto" or "en absolut" in Spanish and Catalan, respectively. As you can see, it means exactly the opposite!

Have an excellent day and enjoy your weekend.