18 / 12 / 2007

DRUNK: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Recently one of our loyal Daily Vitamin readers, Sebastià, suggested that we talk about English equivalents for the Spanish expression coger una cogorza, to refer to someone who is very drunk.

Here are some of the colloquial ways to express that someone is drunk, intoxicated, inebriated, etc. in English. There are A LOT more possibilities; these are just a few suggestions.

--> To be plastered
--> To be wasted
--> To be dead drunk
--> To be drunk as a skunk
--> To be pissed (vulgar)
--> To be loaded
--> To be trashed
--> To be pickled
--> etc.

We often say someone is tipsy, when they are just a little drunk (mareado). The opposite of drunk is sober.

Example 1:
George: Tony, I know it's been a rough year for 'ya, but let's have another whiskey!
Tony: Please George, you're making an ass of yourself. You're completely wasted. Please, pull yourself together!

As the holiday season is here, I want to encourage you not to drink too much, and if you do drink... please do NOT drive.

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Have a productive (and sober) day. ;-)

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