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17 / 10 / 2005

CONSIDERATE: meaning and examples

Good morning. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. This week we are going to explain the meaning of some adjectives to describe personality traits (rasgos de carácter). The adjectives that we have chosen are often incorrectly translated from Spanish into English. Today's word is: considerate It means: a person who is kind and helpful towards others. The opposite is inconsiderate. This adjective in Spanish is the same, considerado. However, considerado can also mean respected or esteemed, whereas in English considerate only means helpful or kind. Example 1 I would like my children to grow up to be considerate towards others. Therefore, I insist that they say 'please' and 'thank you' and that they think about their actions. Example 2 Everybody sitting on the bus was very inconsiderate to the elderly woman and nobody offered her their seat until the bus driver said something. If you have any questions about this word, please don't hesitate to contact us. Have a pleasant day!


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