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10 / 05 / 2007

'CEREALES' IN ENGLISH: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Even though I have been living in Barcelona for 13 years, I still often have trouble remembering the names of cereal grains (cereales) in Spanish or Catalan. I also notice that most English students don't know the names of grains in English. Therefore, today we are going to review some of the more important ones:

Corn (maíz)
Wheat (trigo)
Rice (arroz)
Barley (cebada)
Rye (centeno)
Oats (avena)
Millets (mijo)

Many people also think buckwheat (trigo sarraceno) is a grain, but it is actually considered a "pseudo-cereal."

If any of these grains are integrales, we say that they are whole-grain or wholemeal. With whole-grain wheat, we often say whole wheat.

Example 1:
I prefer eating whole-wheat bread. It tastes better, and it's healthier.

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