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17 / 06 / 2010

CANDYFLOSS or COTTON CANDY: meaning and examples

Good morning again.

Today we finish our review of words and expressions from the last English Immersion in the Coromina Hotel in Viladrau (

Today's word is: Candyfloss (UK) or Cotton Candy (US)

Meaning: a type of sweet/candy in the form of a mass of sticky threads made from melted sugar and served on a stick. It is especially popular at fairs. (Spanish = algodón de azúcar)

Example 1:
One of his favourite things to do at the State Fair is to eat. While there, he eats lots of junk food, including hotdogs, hamburgers, soft drinks and candyfloss. Afterwards, he always ends up with a stomach ache.

Remember that tomorrow we will send the Essential Weekly Vitamin for Spanish-speaking students of English.

Have a nice day.

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