17 / 10 / 2006

BRUNCH: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Last Tuesday we received the following question from a Daily Vitamin user:

Hello Matthew. When I read the DV this morning, something came to my mind; why not talking about the word "brunch"? Just an idea... With my very best regards. Jonatan.

Today's word is: Brunch

It means: a meal that combines breakfast and lunch and is usually served in the late morning.

As you can see, the word itself is a combination of the words BReakfast and LUNCH.

Example 1:
On Sundays I like to go to my favourite restaurant because they serve a special brunch menu, which includes champagne. 

Example 2:
On very busy mornings, sometimes I don't have time for breakfast, so at around 11:00 AM I have brunch. The problem is, then I'm not very hungry at lunchtime.

Thanks for your suggestion Jonatan.

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Have a good day!