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25 / 05 / 2010

BREAK-1: meaning and examples

Good morning everyone.

Today we begin a series of Daily Vitamins about the English word break. It is used in many different ways and there are dozens of expressions that are derived from this word. Today we look at the basic meanings of this word as a noun and a verb, and over the next several days we will look at different uses of this word and some interesting expressions that are derived from it.

Today's word is: break (verb / noun)

Meaning (as a verb): to damage or separate something into two or more parts, as a result of force.

Example 1:
When I was 16 I broke my leg playing football.

Example 2
He dropped the glass and it broke into pieces.

Meaning (as a noun): a period of time when you stop what you are doing to rest, eat, etc.

Example 3
Jack: Nancy, what time do you have your lunch break? Maybe we can have lunch together.
Nancy: Sorry Jack. I don't have time. Today I'm not going to take a break. I have to finish the marketing report by 5 PM.

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I hope you have a nice day.

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