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17 / 12 / 2008

BLUFF EXPRESSIONS: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Yesterday we looked at the verb to bluff, today we are doing to look at some related expressions.

Today's first expression is: To bluff it out

Meaning: to get out of a difficult situation by continuing to deceive someone, especially when they suspect you are not being honest.

Example 1:
When Carla asked her husband, Nicholas, where he had been all night, instead of telling the truth, he decided to bluff it out and tell her that he was with his best friend, John. I'm not sure if Carla believed him.

Today's second expression is: To call someone's bluff

Meaning: If you call someone's bluff, you challenge them to do what they threaten to do (because you believe that they will not do it).

Example 2:
Nicholas's neighbour has been complaining and threatening to demolish the fence around Nicholas's house. When Nicholas called his bluff, the neighbour stopped complaining and didn't do anything.

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