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10 / 03 / 2010

ADEMÁS in ENGLISH-2: meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we continue our look at different words in English that express the same meaning as the Spanish adverb /preposition además (de).

Yesterday we saw that these words express the idea of in addition to or also. We use them to add more information or evidence to a situation. Here are some more examples.

Example 1:
Not only is that car expensive, but it's also ugly and too big. OR
Besides being expensive, that car is also ugly and too big.

Example 2:
I don't agree with you. Janet didn't arrive to the party late and, furthermore, she did not come with anyone. She was alone!

Example 3:
I don't think Jack would make a good CEO and he indicated, moreover, that his objective was to find a new job.

Tomorrow we will continue with more examples.

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Enjoy the rest of your day.