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17 / 11 / 2003

ACCOUNT: meaning and examples

Hello. I hope you are having a good day.

Today's word is: account. This high-frequency word is sometimes used as a noun or as a verb (with an adverbial particle such as 'of' or 'for'). So, today we will look at the noun account and the verb to account for.

1st Meaning as a noun:
A) an agreement in which a bank takes care of your money and allows you to deposit money (pay in) or withdraw money (take out) when you want.

Example 1:
I have a very wealthy friend who has several Swiss bank accounts; he doesn't want to pay taxes, so he's hiding his money in Switzerland.

2nd Meaning as a noun:
B) a company that often buys goods or services from another company.

Example 2:
Our company now has over 40 major accounts; our client base is really growing.

Meaning as a verb: to be the reason why something exists or happens.

Example 3:
The introduction of the euro accounts for the majority of the inflation that the economy has suffered in recent years; however, there must be other factors.

Account has other uses, but these are some of the most common.

Have a good day!