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26 / 10 / 2010

ABBREVIATIONS-6: meaning and examples

Good morning. Today we answer the second part of the question from Carlos R., which will conclude our series of Daily Vitamins about abbreviations.  

I've seen another common and interesting abbreviation, CEO = chief executive officer = jefe ejecutivo or directivo in Spanish, but am not sure about its pronunciation. How do you pronounce CEO?

As I mentioned yesterday, we pronounce CEO letter-by-letter (/si-i-ou/), not as a word, which is common in Spanish. Again, remember that if you ever have a question about the pronunciation of a word in the Daily Vitamin, you can listen to it on our website.

The most common translation of CEO into Spanish, at least on the Iberian Peninsula, is Director General or Consejero Delegado. I think jefe ejecutivo is more common in Latin America.

Many companies also have a CFO (=Chief Financial Officer) and a COO (Chief Operating Officer). We pronounce all of these letter-by-letter.

Thanks again for your comment Carlos.

Have a great day!