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25 / 10 / 2010

ABBREVIATIONS-5: meaning and examples

Good morning. I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Last Thursday we received the following question from Carlos R. in the comment section of the Daily Vitamin on our website:

Hi everyone! Congratulations for the Daily Vitamins, I read them every day. I have a few questions:

How do you pronounce UFO? Maybe /iufo/ or /iu-ef-ou/?

I've seen another common and interesting abbreviation, CEO = chief executive officer = jefe ejecutivo or directivo in Spanish, but am not sure about its pronunciation. How do you pronounce CEO?

Best regards, Carlos

First of all, we pronounce each of the letters of U-F-O, the second option you give (/iu-ef-ou/) NOT as a word (/iufo/). In fact, we pronounce the letters of PA too (we say /pi-ei/ NOT /pa/). However, remember that if you ever have a question about the pronunciation of a word in the Daily Vitamin, you can listen to it on our website. Here is the direct link to last Thursday's Daily Vitamin:

Tomorrow we will give more details about CEO (which is also pronounced letter-by letter, /si-i-ou/, and not as a word) and some other business abbreviations.

Thank you very much for your comment Carlos. This is proof of how participation can improve the quality of the content of the Daily Vitamin, and create a community of people with a common interest... learning English.

I'll see you tomorrow.