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29 / 06 / 2009

WORTH-1: meaning and examples

Good morning. I hope everyone had a nice weekend.

This week we are going to look at some common meanings and uses of the English word worth.

Worth can be an adjective with the meaning "having a value in money, etc." As an adjective it is usually preceded by the verb BE.

Example 1:
Their flat is worth about 850,000 euros.

Worth can also be a noun with the meaning "amount" or "value."

Example 2:
The winner will receive 100 euros worth of books.

The most interesting uses of worth are in expressions (usually with worth as an ajective). This week we will learn some of them.

In November 2003, we saw the following expression with worth as a noun:

to get your money's worth.

Meaning: to feel that something you have received is worth the amount that you paid for it.

Example 3:
I only paid 8,000 euros for this car 10 years ago and it is still running perfectly. I really feel like I got my money's worth when I bought it.

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