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WHETHER vs. IF (2)

22 / 10 / 2008

WHETHER vs. IF (2): meaning and examples

Good morning.

Today we continue our look at the differences between IF and WHETHER. Today we look at the cases where whether should be used. Following I have briefly summarised when we use the adverb whether.

1. After prepositions we can only use whether, not if.

-->Many people haven't decided about whether they will vote for Obama or McCain.

-->We haven't settled the question of whether we'll drive to the party or take public transport.

2. Before infinitives, we can only use whether, but not if.

-->I can't decide whether to take public transport or not.

Notice in both cases (1) and (2), there is a sort of option or alternative (as we discussed yesterday).

3. When a question-word clause is a subject or complement, whether is preferred.

-->Whether we can find parking is another matter. - (Subject)

-->The question is whether we will be able to find parking. - (Complement)

-->The question is if we will be able to find parking. - (Correct, but less preferred)

4). Whether is generally preferred in a two-part question with or.

-->The Directors have not decided whether they will recommend a dividend or reinvest the profits.

Thanks for the question Josep Mª.

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Whether you have a lot of time or not, I hope you find time to practice a little English today.

I'll see you tomorrow.