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14 / 09 / 2009

WELCOME BACK: meaning and examples

Good morning everyone. I hope you had an excellent summer.

Welcome back to another academic year, which will include hundreds of new Daily Vitamins. I honestly hope that you find them useful. And remember, if you have any suggestions or requests, please let us know.

Most of you have probably visited our new website (, but I wanted to remind you that you now have access to our new pedagogical "space" called the ZigSpace. The ZigSpace includes all of the Daily Vitamins sent since October of 2003, most of them with sound files, as well as other pedagogical resources and articles. We highly recommend it. You can sign in on our homepage. (If you are receiving this by email, we have included your login and password at the end of the message.)

To finish, some final reminders:

1. No one can teach you English, you have to learn it.

2. You are the only one who can guarantee your success with English.

3. Maintaining what you have already learned is the most important thing you can do when learning English.

If you really want to speak English, you must believe and live by these three truths. They imply self-study, self-discipline, consistency and commitment.

If there is anything that Ziggurat can do to help you in your quest to learn English, don't hesitate to contact us.

Have a great day, and a productive academic year!

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