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28 / 07 / 2005

VITAMIN PREVIEW: meaning and examples

Good morning. Our year of Daily Vitamins has nearly come to an end (finished). There will be no Daily Vitamins in August, but we'll be back in September with lots of new Vitamins to keep your English level in healthy form! Here is a preview of some of the Vitamin topics we will be covering in the 2005-2006 academic year: -->READER REQUESTS. We will continue answering readers' requests. Some that we will answer next year are: giving directions, SO, SHALL, the subjunctive form in English, writing e-mails in English and much more! -->CONNECTOR WORDS: although, however, not only, etc. -->FILLER PHRASES ("muletillas" para llenar espacios en una conversación) -->PHRASES FOR EXPRESSING OPINIONS and other conversational tips. -->MORE FALSE FRIENDS -->WEBPAGE RECOMMENDATIONS AND MANY OTHER INTERESTING TOPICS!! We are also working on The Daily Vitamin Plus!, a special service which will include access to all the Daily Vitamins sent since 2004, daily listenings, monthly activities and more. And, we are beginning to develop The Essential Daily Vitamin for beginners. The Essential Daily Vitamin will be in Spanish, and we hope to have it ready by Christmas 2005. Remember that the best way to learn English is to make it a daily habit. "Taking" your Daily English Vitamin can help by giving you a little English every day. We hope you have learned and/or reviewed some English with us this year, and we certainly hope you will continue to receive the Daily Vitamin next year. If there are any topics that you would like us to cover, please don't hesitate to contact us. Tomorrow we will send our last Vitamin before the holidays. In tomorrow's Vitamin we will give you some useful tips (consejos) for staying in contact with English during the summer holidays. Have a great day!