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06 / 11 / 2003

USING THE WORD GET-2: meaning and examples

Hello again. Welcome to another Daily Vitamin lesson.

In the previous lesson we looked at some uses of GET to indicate the beginning of something: 'to become or begin to be' (to get drunk, to get dirty, etc.)

Today we look at another very common use of GET; this time to mean to answer the door or to answer the telephone.

If you're at home and the phone rings, rather than say "I'll answer it", we usually say "I'll get it." The same applies when we hear a knock at the door. To indicate that we're going to answer the door, we usually say "I'll get it!" and not "I'll answer it."

Saying "I'll get it" lets everyone else in the house know that I'm on my way to opening the door. For the same situation we might say "ya voy" in Spanish. For a ringing telephone, we might say "ya lo cojo" (in Spanish) or "ja l'agafo" (in Catalan). "I'll get it" works for both situations in English.

Enjoy your day!