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13 / 05 / 2004

TRIP vs. JOURNEY: meaning and examples

Good morning,

Yesterday one of our Daily Vitamin recipients, Sonia, asked me to review the difference between the two English nouns journey and trip.

On February 24th, we looked at the confusion between travel (verb) and trip (noun). Today we will look at the subtle difference between journey and trip. In some ways today's Daily Vitamin is an extension of the February 24th Daily Vitamin.

A Journey is: when you travel a long distance from one place to another, from point A to point B.

A Trip is: when you travel somewhere and return to your origin, from point A to point B to point A again.

Example 1
Last summer I had a terrible trip to California. The journey between London and San Francisco was incredibly long and difficult and then we had a horrible time while we were there.

Example 2
Speaker 1: Tomorrow I'm travelling to Madrid.
Speaker 2: Okay. Have a nice trip. I'll see you when you get back.

Have an excellent day.

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