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01 / 03 / 2005

TO SUIT (2): meaning and examples

Good morning. Yesterday we looked at the verb to suit. We use this verb to talk about something that looks good on a person because of its colour or style. However, this verb has another common meaning. To suit meaning 2: to indicate that something (often a plan, an arrangement or an activity) is convenient or appropriate for someone. Example 1: Speaker A: I'd like to have the meeting at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Does that time suit you Speaker B: Yes, that's fine. Example 2: Country living really suits me. I love the fresh air and the peace and quiet. (Expression: peace and quiet = tranquilidad.) Example 3: I'm afraid it doesn't suit me very well to have your cousins stay in the flat for a month. A week or two is fine, but not longer. If you have any questions about this verb, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have a great day!


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